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We all know which kid Mom and Dad liked best, and odds are you’re thinking it’s not you.

But does that really make a difference? It can, researchers say, but not always the way you might think.

Less-favored children are more likely to be using drugs, alcohol and cigarettes as teenagers, according to researchers at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

But what matters is not how the parents actually treat the children, but how the kids perceive it.

Kids’ Perception Of Parents’ Favoritism Counts More Than Reality

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‎It’s not easy. It’s not supposed to be easy. Most people make mistakes. Most people have to learn the hardest lessons more than once.
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Kinda want pizza.
Kinda want sex.

Definitely want both.

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Come home

My significant other needs to hurry up and get home from his fire assignment so I can stop writing disgusting and mushy posts about him. Ugh

Yes, you should eat. You should always eat. No more of this sitting around for an hour with your cup of coffee trying to decide. You should always eat. There is never a time when skipping a meal is the right answer. Go eat, because you need to. Go eat, because you have a life to live.

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I needed this so bad today thank you

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